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Icelandic Hay While the Sun Shines in New York

I’m pretty lucky that you lot of people who are willing and excited to put grass fed tallow on your skin and are interested in reclaiming some of these old cultural roots are all here. If you have used Primal Derma I would venture to guess that there is a strong chance that you are…

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Elephants, Zebras, and Reclaiming Old Trails

In the excellent book ‘On Trails: An Exploration’ by Robert Moor he wonders aloud about the paths beneath our feet. How do they form? Why do some get used more than others while others fade? He investigates ants and highways and long-lost Cherokee trails in the rural South. But on page 97 and 98 he…

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Aleppo to Zanzibar: culture in spice with Burlap and Barrel

As I have mentioned before culture making and maintenance is what Primal Derma is very much about. Walking that thin tightrope of making meaning in our days while in remembrance of what it takes to make something come to pass. When it goes too fast we lose the chance for accountability or responsibility. Aleppo is…

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Women as Culture Makers

Primal Derma has been a small venture from the start and this undertaking of chance is in no way guaranteed to achieve any measure of ‘success’ in any conventional sense despite our scrappy charms and bigger story to tell and share. But here we are – alive and lucky for it. Here is a sign…

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Remembering Old Ways

One of the reasons I started Primal Derma was as a way of remembering that the way things used to be done have great relevance to our modern lives that often go for immediacy over patience and cost over value.  Primal Derma is unapologetic in trying to reclaim a thin trail that was walked by…

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Welcome to Primal Derma

Sometimes you have a long journey to get to the place where you actually begin the journey. And that is where we are now. To actually be at the beginning of a real business where you sell actual physical things that work and help people for a reasonable price. It is exciting and humbling. Primal Derma sits…

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