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The Bovine Advantage

The Bovine Advantage   You know we love cows here at Primal Derma. Our skincare products are rendered from grass-fed beef tallow, after all. But did you know cows provide a bevy of bovine benefits to our bodies? Here are just a few of the many services our dear cloven friends supply:   Milk Of…more >>

The Anti-Dry Skin Manual

The Anti-Dry Skin Manual Dryness has it’s time and place. Dry wit is often hilarious. A nice dry rub on a prime rib is unquestionably delicious. Dry skin, on the other hand, is a flaky and uncomfortable ailment to wrestle with. But have no fear, my sarcasm and aged-beef loving friends, because Primal Derma and…more >>

Baring It All at Mardis Gras!

Baring It All at Mardis Gras!   Ahhh, Mardi Gras. A wonderful time for celebration, debauchery, and maybe even a little sale or two (20% off all Primal Derma with code “MARDIGRAS”). There’s no other holiday in this country celebrated just for the point of showing off skin, except, for National Nude Day (which is…more >>

Lip Service: When Good Lips Go Chapped

Lip Service: When Good Lips Go Chapped Ahh, winter. The snow on the ground, the wind on your face, the puffy coats that make everyone look like tiny Stay-Puft Marshmallow Men. It’s a beautiful time to be alive. Unfortunately, it also means the resurgence of one of human beings most dreadful enemies: the chapped lip.…more >>

You’re Alone On A Desert Island…

You’re Alone On A Desert Island…  I know, it sounds like paradise. The sand beneath your feet. The mesmerizing sound of the ocean waves splashing on-shore. We all fantasize about running away and trapping ourselves somewhere tropical when winter’s deep freeze has taken hold… but there’s just one small problem when you realize that your…more >>

Skin Hacks for Blemishless Skin

Skin Hacks for Blemishless Skin   Whether you’re an office worker, a beauty queen, an awkward teenager, or anyone in between, everybody wants clear skin. But did you know that you don’t need to spend a ton of money at beauty parlors or fancy face soaps to get it? There are loads of things to…more >>

10 Holiday Stocking Stuffer Gifts for the Crossfitter in Your Life

10 Holiday Stocking Stuffer Gifts for the Crossfitter in Your Life With the holidays around the corner, it’s always a struggle to get those last few stocking stuffers in. Especially when fatty cheeses and meats may not be the best bet for that special CrossFitter so near and dear to your heart. Here are 10…more >>

Welcome to Primal Derma

Sometimes you have a long journey to get to the place where you actually begin the journey. And that is where we are now. To actually be at the beginning of a real business where you sell actual physical things that work and help people for a reasonable price. It is exciting and humbling. Primal Derma sits…more >>

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