Primal Derma. Straightforward skin.

Primal Derma is the Swiss Army knife of skin care -- one simple product for every inch of your skin, from chapped lips, to cracked knuckles, to scratchy feet, and everywhere else in between.

Unlike other plant-based skin-care products made from ingredients like aloe, avocado, and almonds, Primal Derma is made from rendered, grass-fed beef tallow, which is nearly bio-identical to human skin cells. This similarity means that your skin will always be nourished by it and will absorb it deeply. No more oily surface creams that never soak in.

Tallow is uniquely compatible with the biology of our cells. About 50% of the structure of our cell membrane comes from saturated fats, with remaining amounts consisting of monounsaturated, and to a lesser degree, polyunsaturated fats. When your skin receives sufficient saturated and monounsaturated fats, it becomes healthy and toned for the long term. According to Nourishing Traditions, it is these saturated fats that give cell membranes the “necessary stiffness and integrity” for proper function (p. 11).

The benefits of grass-fed tallow are numerous. Studies have shown that its mineral and micro-nutrient profile is significantly more beneficial for your skin than that of grain-fed cows. One study found that the tallow from grass-fed cows has four times more vitamin E than that of grain-fed cows. Products made from grass-fed animals were also found to have three to five times more CLA than those fed a “conventional” diet.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Anything that comes in contact with our skin is absorbed just as easily as if we ate it. Since Primal Derma has just one primary ingredient: food-grade, grass-fed beef tallow, which is significantly healthier for your body to absorb than products loaded with parabens, petro-chemicals, and stabilizers, you can be just as sure of what you are putting ON your body as you are of what you put IN it. This is food for your skin.

At Primal Derma we believe in real ingredients and real results.

Primal Derma, Less Waste Less Fuss.

No matter where your meat comes from, meat production results in plenty of waste. Cows aren’t skinny and lots of their fat ends up just being thrown away. At Primal Derma, we take the respect for the life of the cow very seriously. If you must take the life of an animal, you should use every part of it. By using the tallow from these cows, we make good use of something that would otherwise go to waste. This back-to-the-land ethos also supports small farmers, providing additional income by buying what would normally be discarded. We honor our animals by facilitating and participating in the use of every part of the animal. When you use Primal Derma you support this mission by making use of something that other people think is useless.

At Primal Derma we believe in nose-to-tail values for head-to-toe healthy skin.

Primal Derma. Modern Skin. Primal Solution.

Humans have been using animal fat as part of their skincare regimen for 17,000 years. Modern hunter gatherers from the Inuit, to the Hadza of Tanzania, to the Hamer tribe of southern Ethiopia, still use animal fat to protect the skin. Animal fat insulates skin from the elements and keeps it soft and supple, and conditions the skin after intense exposure to the elements (sun, cold, or dryness).

For the last 100 years or so, humans have disconnected from this practice. Using Primal Derma reconnects us with our ancestral nature and the age-old traditions and remedies that have worked effectively or people around the world for centuries.

At Primal Derma we believe in modern skin care grounded in traditional wisdom.

Primal Derma. Good science. Good skin.