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Babylonian eclipses and the animated world

Over here at Primal Derma we count ourselves lucky that you are with us and reading about ancient culture and the thread to modern times. But Babylonian eclipses? Cuneiform? What is cuneiform? And what does this have to do with skincare? If you didn’t know, cuneiform is the script that Sumerian, Babylonian, and Assyrian culture…

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On convenience and efficiency

“The problem with convenience and efficiency is that, in the effort to make the shortest path between us and the things we want, the privilege of accountability is lost.If you consider the time it takes an individual to gather raw materials, which are often living organisms, the honour and grief that is felt in their…

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The Halibut Hook reborn

The Tlingit people of the Pacific Northwest have been inhabiting their lands and their waters for about 14,000 years and finding and refining their understanding and relationship with their home. And surely they forgot along the way sometimes, I would imagine, but their longevity their points to their deep connection to the rhythms of that…

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Pazyryk carpet oldest carpet in the world – *Stunning*

At the base of the Altai Mountains is the Pazyryk Valley. In the 1920’s some of the kurgans or burial mounds that resided there were unearthed. Some of these mounds were over 2000 years old. Within these ancient graves were saddles, ritual burial chariots, countless sculpted and carved figures and tattooed mummies still encased in…

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Finding A Way In The World: The Dark Light of Seal Fat

I don’t have any tattoos. Maybe you do. I have known friends be delighted with them and have them have deep meaning for them. Others have spen good money getting them slowly lasered away. Others just sort of forget that they are there but can recount to you the story of when and where it…

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The Terrorizing Beauty of Shetland Lace Shawls

While sheep have been in Scotland for about 4500 years there isn’t evidence of short tail sheep being there until about 1200AD…and Shetland sheep are short tailed. The oldest Shetland lace we have is about 150 years old and it is incredibly intricate. We can surmise that this is a skill that has been around for…

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The Salmon Wisdom of the Ainu

Nowadays you might walk over to Whole Foods or get filets delivered to your door. But there was a time where every running body of water in the northern Pacific Rim that admitted to tides and mingled fresh and salt water had a salmon run in the Spring. And if these rivers, with their kin…

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Zapotec Warp and Weft: The Web That Has a Weaver

I have never spent much time in front of a peddle loom or sliding a shuttle through the arms to weave much of anything. But there are people and peoples in the world who know that beauty making sets them deeply in their places and connects them entirely to their ancestry and history – making it…

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Hórreos: In the Presence of the Fruit of the Land

According to an online ancestry site that took a tube of my saliva and sent me back my results of my blood origins I came back 96% Ashkenazi Jew (not a surprise) and 4% Neanderthal (a surprise and near the very highest concentration humans have at all.) So it didn’t make a lot of sense that…

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Eaten: A Food History

When a culture has really made its bones and can call itself a culture there is something deeply life affirming about it. Not that new things don’t or can’t arise – of course they do. But a real culture has something proud and leaning back in her chair looking out at the world and saying…

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