Women as Culture Makers

Primal Derma has been a small venture from the start and this undertaking of chance is in no way guaranteed to achieve any measure of ‘success’ in any conventional sense despite our scrappy charms and bigger story to tell and share.

But here we are – alive and lucky for it.

Here is a sign that we are alive – We have a new part-time hire Nicole Liddy who is reaching out to food co-ops and store across the United States to see if they might carry our precious little mixture of tallow on their shelves. And she is doing a grand job and I’m glad she is part of the venture. If you have any suggestions – write us back!

But Primal Derma got it’s first store placement from Tyla Fae believing in Primal Derma. And our second store placement came from Stephania Melnychuk who advocated for Primal Derma at a local store. And our website and logo was made by Illana Burk of Your Life’s Workshop who understood what we were up to. And the person who fixed our hacked site and migrated it onto new servers was Gretchen Ozee. And the first person to genuinely tweet in support of Primal Derma was Justine Fedak.

To say nothing of Jocelyn Mae Anderson and Crescentia Woodward who set up and ran the Lightfoot Christmas Fair booth when I couldn’t be there. Or Janet Viader who barely knows me to help set that very same booth because she has some expertise in booth setting up. Or my mother who carted them all around. My mother! What fortune to have a woman like that at my back!

Or Summer Poole, my dear friend who helped me start Primal Derma but has largely been absent due to truly unspeakable overwhelming family tragedy. But I couldn’t have gotten off the ground without her.

Women’s Marches. Women’s Movements.

But that might even be too big…Every edifice needs a foundation. The women are always there. Faithfully there. The men may or may not be there. But you can count on the women to be on the road during troubled times, when things are being born, being supported  or coming to an end.


Receptively there. Redemptively there. Thankfully there. With their strong backs, their presence, their fine insights and understandings, their capacity for work.

So if you love Primal Derma and the old culture and meaning making story these little jars are trying to bend your ear towards… It is only possible because a lot of women have made it possible to come this far.

I’m on my knees with gratitude. I don’t know what I’ve done to be lucky to be on the receiving end of such abundance…but it will have to do.

Glad you are with us and do tell the good women amongst you how lucky you are to have them.

Talk soon enough,


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