Derma Love

Primal Derma can be used for all sorts of skin issues. From healing to moisturizing, to soothing itchiness, PD faithfuls have gotten quite inventive in how they use it. So we asked them…

"How do you Derma?"

I had 2 blisters tear open during my chest to bar pull ups right after receiving my Primal Derma.

I let the torn skin harden up for about a day and then started applying PD to the area at night. I feel like within one day (24 hour period/2 applications) I saw results.

My blisters were healing faster and not dry or cracking, which is rare with the extremely cold temps we have been having lately.

- Jenna Homburg


Two thumbs up! I LOVE the scent.

Since my hands get really dry in the winter (to the point of getting cracked and bleeding), I've tried my fair share of moisturizers, and it's clear that a lot of of them simply don't work. I look for two things—natural (sans chemicals and toxins) and effective (I need the moisture to absorb and heal my skin). Primal Derma checks both boxes, and smells amazing. That might be my favorite thing. It's a nice consistency, not too greasy. And very effective.

- Michelle Urbick


As a dermatologist I get more samples of cream than I have skin to apply them to. Much of it is "me too" in terms of being like most of the others. Everyone says they are "natural," "green," or "local." When fellow Harlemite Matthew Stillman asked me to try check out his skin care product, however, and described it, I agreed that it was the real deal with respect to all of the above, but I hesitated.  Primal Derma is a moisturizer made from cow tallow (which would have otherwise been thrown away and wasted). As a vegetarian, I sat and tapped my leather shoe (road kill leather, of course) and considered if I could sample. It certainly was the most unique product I had come across. As Matthew assured me that this intention was to honor the cow in a seventh generations sort of way, much like my shoes, and as a woman of science, I tried it. I have to say it was cosmetically elegant and kept my hand soft after several washings. I could feel how something derived from an animal felt more bio identical on the skin. Vegetarians and vegans may not go for it. Beef eaters, however, who want to feel silky (for those of the feminine), yet Paleo (think cave man cream for the more macho), Primal Derma is a unique and innovative skin care option.

-Dr. Dina Strachan, Harlem, NY


Lovely. The kids' itchy spots went away pretty quickly. My daughter has always had eczema (flares up horribly in the winter) and so far it's kept it under control better than anything else has.

- Anonymous


My husband loves Primal Derma. He recently noticed a dry skin rash on his forehead, under his eyes and behind his ears, possibly the result of a long, cold and windy ski season, but really we are not sure what it is from. All the creams he was using to repair it were burning the affected areas. In 2 applications of Primal Derma it is already significantly better! He also loves the gentle citrus smell. The product really attacks dry skin. I used it as well... same result. Love the product and will be purchasing more for sure!

-Heather, East Hampton, NY


I've been moisturizing the dry, irritated spot on my scalp with coconut oil and I've tried cortisone too. I'm not diligent with doing it daily but it's never improved and it is a chronic issue. I'm not diligent with using Primal Derma on it every day either (who moved my jar??) yet the inflamed, irritated spot feels like it is almost gone. I like that it isn't full of chemicals and artificial preservatives. I won't use creams with parabens or artificial fragrance so for the most part I have just been using coconut oil and this works better than coconut oil.

- Faith Presley


My feet and hands became softer with using Primal Derma.

I like that Primal Derma is all natural, and I specifically like the quality of the tallow being from grass-fed cows.

The creamy feel makes this like a balm and I loved the way it felt on my skin.

- Jessica Darling



I've only had mine a few days and already my feet are in a much better state. I've never seen that much change so quickly with normal lotion (and don't get me wrong, I love the lotion I use for my hands and face). I've used Bag Balm on my feet - but that is just a petroleum product at this point - bleck.Elbows are also now soft. Wow! And yeah - it smells really good. This stuff is gold. It is so much more easily absorbed by my skin AND it DOES seem to work better on tough skin like the heels of my feet.

And I really like the mild herbal scent - I HATE fake smells or strong smells, and am pretty sensitive in that department - I was really impressed with how pleasant and non-intrusive the scent was.

- Molly Morrissey


It smoothed out the unsexy gritty skin on my elbows, knees and heels.

The lemongrass scent is divine and the thickness of it makes it feel a bit more luxurious than thinner lotions

- Maisie Smith




Used Primal Derma on some tears I got from pull ups- about a day after I got them. Some of the fastest healing tears I have had.

When you get a rip it can have a huge effect on you for a good couple of days.

Right after it sucks, and then even once it heals it continues to crack and that is almost even worse! I did not get any cracking!

- Emily Yates




It totally helped with the chapped lips I get in the Northeastern winter, and then it transferred really well to life in the tropics. I even use a little on my finger as non-black mascara and it works so so well!

- Abigail Rose Clarke