The 8.5 Million Pound Boulder and What It Might Ask of You


A few months ago near Telluride, Colorado there was a giant landslide and two very large boulders  ended up blocking Highway 154. Nobody got hurt but plenty of inconvenience for many days as workarounds got devised.

The smaller of the two boulders weighed about two million pounds and was blown up and carted off and turned into gravel.
The larger one, well, that one is of a different order. This old guy weighs between eight and nine million pounds and is as big as a house and was going to cost a quarter of a million dollars to explode and dispose.
So the governor of Colorado decided to keep the rock and widen the highway and change the guard rails on the road and have this wonder as a permanent part of the driving landscape.
Besides this boulder being huge it is old. The stone itself is certainly over a billion years old. And while The Rockies are a ‘young’ mountain range as mountain ranges go, it is still between 55 and 80 million years old.
In our culture, such that it is a culture at all, largely there is no tolerance for old. New is treasured and longed after. People are complimented for ‘not looking their age’ and old people are swept away to Shadygrove Pines. Surely there is a kind and pleasant nostalgia for the subdued antique thing as long as it isn’t much trouble. But mostly new is the preferred direction.
But sometimes the old crashes into our lives and refuses to make it easy and we must contend with that. This boulder did just that. Crashed in and forced its way into being contended with. The outcome wasn’t certain, destruction was on the menu. But it ended up that there was a place at the proverbial table for him.
When I came up with the notion of Primal Derma it was because something old and ancestral had crashed into my life and I couldn’t look away. I had to speak towards it and wrestle with it and find a way to have it, and all it asked of me, in my life. I had to widen my highways and shift my guardrails to accommodate for its presence. Primal Derma and all it stands for is a giant boulder for me.
Primal Derma is skincare, let us not be too grand about that. And, and, and it is also a very old thing. I won’t assume that it has crashed into your life the way it has crashed into mine but I would pray that it reminds you to be in the presence of the old that asks something of you. The ancestral. The storied. The slow.
So may some big ancestral things get in your way and let Primal Derma remind you of that!
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PS – If any of our Colorado readers are up on Highway 145…take a picture of this giant rock! We’d love to see it!

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